How to Look Good Naked

Ok so this isn’t one of those posts where I’m gonna tell you how to work out or go on a diet, get a six pack, blah blah blah. We all know that working out and eating clean has it’s own set of benefits and results. This article’s purpose is to show everyone how to take advantage of what you look like RIGHT NOW,  to look (and more importantly, FEEL)  amazing with no clothes. While you should probably only be naked around people who don’t really care about that scar, or that fat roll, who are we kidding? EVERYONE wants to feel awesome naked regardless of the company.

Find the Light

Alright, first, take off all your clothes and go stand in front of the mirror. What? Melina, that’s weird. IS IT? How often have you really looked at and considered your own naked body? I’m betting it’s not often. I’m no expert on being naked but I was a swimmer for a long time so I spent a lot of time nearly naked or just naked (all throughout puberty too, which is the worst) and because of that, I know what parts of my body look best from what angles and in what lighting. For example, I know my jaw-line is slightly asymmetrical so my profile looks MUCH better from the right than the left, or I know that my legs look lumpy if I lock my knees. AND I know that locker room lighting looks terrible on pretty much everybody.

Not to sound too much like Tyra from AMTM, but if you’re aware of the lighting scheme and the best angles of your body, it can make a huge difference. YOU know which side of your face you like best, and where every single positive/negative attribute is, so stand in the mirror and figure it out.  I KNOW it sounds weird, but it’s in the privacy of your own bathroom/bedroom so have fun with it. Worst case scenario, you’re more comfortable being naked (or you find a bruise you don’t remember getting…so strange..)


For crying out loud, STAND UP STRAIGHT. You don’t have to look like you’ve got a stick up your ass, but holding your head high with your shoulders back automatically makes you look thinner, tighter, and more confident, all of which are key. If you have insecurities about your body, you might be tempted to try and hide or make yourself smaller. Trust me, this only draws attention to the areas you’re trying to cover, AND makes you look uncomfortable in your own skin which can make you, and whoever your with, unsure of how to act. Plus, this is a super easy action to implement. Just remind yourself to stand up straight and BOOM, INSTA- confidence. (Try it in the mirror first!)


So I promised this wouldn’t be a workout article and it’s not, HOWEVER, simple bodily maintenance for girls AND guys can go a long way:

-Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean, no one wants dirty hands all up in their business. Seriously, just cut your nails and wash your hands.

-Exfoliate and moisturize. I don’t know what to tell you, dry skin is not all that appealing and it’s easily remedied. (This goes for face and lips too!). You can use something as simple as a heavy duty washcloth–my favorite– or a body scrub this one is pretty good all around (for guys and girls). Also, if you’re interested in a more comprehensive exfoliating option, try dry brushing. Dry brushing is a technique that exfoliates, decongests skin, and has been linked to lymphatic stimulation and cellulite reduction. After you exfoliate, slather on the lotion/body oil. It’s best to do it right after you shower to lock in as much moisture as possible.

-Hair Grooming: I’m not about to tell anyone how to keep their body hair situation, but make sure everything is CLEAN, trimmed, and generally under control. You’re allowed to have as much hair as you feel comfortable with, but keeping it trimmed/shaved/waxed, means the area is also easier to keep clean. This goes for girls AND GUYS. I know they’re socially allowed to be hairier but they sure as HELL better be keeping themselves hygienic.

Basically, feeling good naked can be achieved through practicing (and CLEANLINESS PLEASE). It’s mostly a matter of being comfortable with your body and you can only achieve that (like anything else) through some repetition, so SLEEP NAKED, DO YOUR MAKEUP NAKED, SHOWER NAKED (wait…), or even just wait a few minutes after your shower and apply lotion by the mirror. If you’re not comfortable when you’re naked, you can’t expect anyone else to be.

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