Current Fitness Routine

Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking for my fitness routine. I don’t know what spurred it but it did make me realize I’ve never shared a detailed fitness regimen on any iteration of my blog.

Before I explain how I workout, I would like to preface this with the fact that my body is a result of many years of competitive swimming with training layered on top after I stopped swimming. Additionally, I change my routine every few months, this just happens to be what I currently do. Furthermore, I am not a professional trainer or nutritionist and don’t necessarily recommend my routine for anything other than general fitness maintenance.

Also, something you will note below, is that I rarely warm up. I don’t recommend this, especially if you’re starting out. For some reason, it has worked for me so far to go into these particular workouts without a warm up, but in most cases I would recommend a quick jog or some jumping jacks/jump rope, to get the body warm.

I also only stretch after my workouts because my muscles are warmer and more forgiving to stretching. Stretching cold muscles always hurts and seems pointless to me so I never stretch before a workout either.

Alright, everyone! Here is what I do to stay in shape!

Monday: Pyramid Interval Sprints, Ab Circuit, Stretch

The first day of the week deserves some sprints. The Pyramid Sprints consist of 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walking, then 1-minute sprint, then a minute walk, then 1.5 minutes, and so on until 2.5 minutes. Then you come back down the pyramid.

The Ab Circuit consists of eight ab exercises (12x Burpees, 12x Exercise ball extensions, 25x full leg raises, 25x flat crunch, 25x oblique crunch right, 25x oblique crunch left, 24x full bicycle, 1 minute plank). I will repeat this circuit three times.

Especially on days when I run, I try and make sure I stretch really well afterwards, so I usually have about 10-15 minutes of basic stretching after the workout.

Tuesday: Upper body Day

Currently, I only devote one day to upper body. I know some people might scoff at this, but it’s all I need to maintain my muscle there. I make sure I cover all the major muscle areas in five supersets. However, you will notice that there is not one exercise below that specifically targets biceps and this is because biceps are worked indirectly in so many of these exercises that I don’t feel the need to isolate them. In each super set, I use weights that are moderately heavy (for me) and do every single exercise for 15 reps and 4 sets (This workout is a total of 20 sets, and takes about an hour)

Super set 1: Dumbell Shoulder Press & Lat Pull Down

Super set 2: Dumbell Chest Press & Seated Rows

Super set 3: Weighted Tricep Dips & One armed Row

Super set 4: Chest Flies & Tricep Extensions

Super set 5: Shoulder Flies & Standard Push- Ups


Wednesday: Long Run, Ab Circuit, Stretch

This day is pretty straightforward. If I’m able, I will take this day to have a long run outside, but usually, I will have to do it on a treadmill since I live in the city. I will run 4 or 5 miles depending on the day and I am currently holding a 9-minute mile, but always trying to improve that pace.

Afterward, I do the same ab circuit from Monday and make sure I stretch really well.


Thursday: Leg Day

Ah, everyone’s favorite day. I know I run a lot, but it’s not enough to build the muscle I’m looking for without some lifting. The exercises below are especially geared towards hamstring and glute building since that is what I’m after right now. Any place where Right & Left is listed in parentheses means that the exercise only uses one leg at a time and I do 15 reps for each leg for each exercise. Once again, I use weights that are moderately difficult for me. This workout consists of two circuits, with five exercises a piece. I one circuit four times, then the other circuit four times, then stretch.

Circuit 1: 30x X-Jumps, 15x Weighted Side Leg Raise (Right & Left), 15x Weighted Donkey Kicks (Right & Left), 15x Weighted One-Legged Hip Thrust (Right & Left), 15x Weighted Single Leg Deadlift (Right & Left)

Circuit 2: 15x Split Squat Jumps, 15x Single Leg Leg Press (Right & Left), 15x Weighted Hip Thrust with both legs, 15x Weighted Lunges (Right & Left), Weighted 15x Calf Raises (Right & Left)
Friday: Full Body Workout

Friday’s are different because I like to do a full body workout that doesn’t have a consistency to it. I especially like to try out new workouts on Friday’s. If I can, I’ll find a class to go to, or find a routine online that I haven’t tried and see if I like it. Two staples I use if I want to a great workout but haven’t planned for anything new: Britney Spears’ Drenched Workout (Link Here), Or Kayla Itsines’ BBG1 Week 6 or 7 full body workouts. I won’t post it because it won’t be fair to her product, but it basically consists of some burpees, some ab work, and some pushups. It’s not hard to create a circuit out of that.

Saturday: REST DAY!

Rest is super important to a fitness regimen because your body needs time to recover. Now, I’m not working hard enough where these are absolutely crucial, BUT, rest is still important. Saturdays, I usually try and spend outdoors, whether I’m at the beach, or seeing a friend, or even hiking. I will try and make sure I still get some walking in so I’m not just a loaf all day, but I don’t focus on it for exercises’ sake.

Sunday: Foam Roll/Stretch Day.

Whereas Saturday is a complete rest day if I want, I try and take a little bit of time on Sundays to have a full body stretch and workout any kinks in my body. I honestly should be foam rolling and stretching every single day, but I haven’t gotten there yet, so I use Sunday as a catch-all day. Sometimes I will do a quick yoga circuit and then spend time rolling or I will just do my normal stretches, but deeper and for longer.

And there you have it! This is what I currently do to stay in shape. I hardly every spend more than an hour in the gym on any one of these workouts which is the perfect amount of time for me to spend in the gym. Once again, I’m not a professional, but I have been focused on my own fitness for quite some time, so if you have any questions I’d love to answer them!













2 Replies to “Current Fitness Routine”

  1. Wow you are pretty dedicated. I must admit I am in a bit of a rut with my exercise at the moment. After so many years of being active, recovery from my surgery has restricted a lot of the things I could do and I am getting pretty bored with sticking to a couple of exercises……make sure you keep looking after your body girl. Recovery can be a nightmare


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