Brazilian Waxes Changed My Life

This is not an exaggeration. Before my trip to Mexico, I got my first ever Brazilian Bikini Wax. I had gotten bikini waxes before and had waxed other parts of my body but I had never ventured into Brazilian territory…

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, a Brazilian Bikini Wax is a waxing treatment wherein all, I mean ALL, of the hair in your nether regions is removed. Front, back, crevices — everything.

I think most people look at the Brazilian Wax in intense fear. Having the hair in your privates torn out by hot wax? Yeah, I cannot be the only one that thinks that sounds terrifying. The initial fear is of the pain. Waxing hurts, and waxing that area? Are you kidding? It hurts like a BITCH. But let’s say you can get past the pain, the next thing you’re probably worried about are the actual logistics. You are in a small room, with a stranger, your legs spread open, trying to make small talk, as your pubic hairs are being ripped systematically from your body. Ah yes, this is what I picture a great night to be as well.

I did think about both of those factors, but the lure of convenience eventually won me over. I didn’t want to have to worry about shaving and razor rash while on vacation, so this seemed like a viable option. I was well past ‘beauty is pain’, CONVENIENCE is pain.

Turns out, a Brazilian is a lot like most other quick and painful things in life. They are definitely painful, but the pain is so fleeting that you are able to forget and continue. Luckily for me, I also had a great technician who made me feel as comfortable as possible and who was extremely efficient. The whole process took about a half hour which includes tweezing at the end for any hairs the wax doesn’t pick up.

And wow, just wow. It is so unbelievably clean. When you wax, you not only pull out the hair by the root, but you also remove any wispy hairs, and the very top layer of skin, leaving what remains to be insanely smooth. Ultimately, I just want to dispel any fear anyone has ever had of this treatment. My logic going into it was that there are women all over the world who get this done regularly, so how bad can it be? And if you’re looking for that kind of convenience and a departure from the endless cycle of shaving, but you can’t quite afford to get it all lasered off, then I can’t recommend this enough.

Was it painful? Absolutely. But was it worth it? Absolutely.


My bikinis just get smaller and smaller so this wax really comes in clutch


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