A Little Bit of Bubblegum

I dyed my hair pink. That much is plain to see.

Previously, I had only ever dyed the top part of my hair, which makes sense when you consider how long I had a fade for. In high school I had my top varying shades of red for a while, then my freshman year of college I attempted to go silver. I say attempted because, unsurprisingly, my dark brown hair did not take too well to the process, and after two bleaching treatments thoroughly fried my hair and left it an ugly yellow, I just went bright purple for a while, then let that grow out.

Then I made a plan. Which is big, for me. I don’t plan. I’m lucky if I know what I’m going to do after whatever task it is that I’m currently doing. I was going to grow out my hair (for me that’s about chin length all the way around and this is the longest it’s been since the sixth grade) and dye it pink. Then purple. Then blue. Then green. And then… well let’s leave that one a surprise 🙂

I learned a couple of things in that chair. I mean, I was there for nearly six hours, so I would hope I got something out of it. Besides the pink hair. I learned that if you sit anywhere for six hours, you’ll start making friends, with other stylists, other clients, etc. People just chat, and a salon tends to be one of those great positive environments full of women that just want to compliment each other, like the girls’ bathroom in the club.

The comment I got the most? “OMG I love your hair it looks so nice but I would never be brave enough to do that!”

So here’s the thing about that: if you don’t like bright hair, fine. If you have or want a job that requires you to look more professional, fine. If you can’t afford to dye your hair or are worried about damaging it, fine. But if the only thing holding you back from doing something wild to your hair is fear? NOT FINE. Your hair, your body, your choice. It makes me so sad when people tell me that would love to cut their hair short or dye it but they’re just scared to do it. More often than not, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Honestly, people are more likely to compliment it than insult it.

Maybe I’m a little privileged because I live in an urban area where colored hair is as common as crime, but I feel like in general, people have bigger things to worry about than your hair. Plus, colored hair is a good ice breaker. People ask you about it. People remember you for it. And Uber drivers can always find you.

Frankly, you have your whole life to have natural hair, minus a little for going gray. There’s no better time to do something stupid with your hair than the now. And if it goes wrong- well, it grows back eventually.



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