Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

I cannot put into the words the sorrow in my heart as I pen these words to you. Indeed, words cannot describe the pain in every fiber of my being, the hollow in my soul, or the weariness of my spirit as I write these words. For reasons both personal and professional, my sister and I have decided to go our separate ways, and that means that my tenure on this platform must come to an end.

Nah I’m joshin’ ya. I am done, though. Not like done-zo kind of done, I’m just no longer the primary writer here. I might still write here from time to time, cause I’m nice like that, and enjoy lending my literary talents to my needy sister.

But being here has been cool, so thanks for having me I guess? It’s not like y’all were really given a choice. It was kind of an “I’m here take it or leave it” sort of situation. But I’ve enjoyed writing here, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the switch from “how to live a healthy and successful life” content to “how to accomplish basic human tasks only some of the time” content. I’ve learned lots about myself and had lots of opportunities to improve my lifestyle. I didn’t take those opportunities, of course. Just sort of waved at them as they passed by.

If you feel that you want to continue to see my work, you can find me at

I’m currently doing something called VEDIO, which is a Video Every Day In October. I did something similar in February, except then it was called VEDIF, cause you know, February, a month which I cannot pronounce.

If you don’t want to keep up with me, that’s fine too. Here’s what you’ll be missing:
-me yelling about movies
-me continuing film school
-me yelling about film school
-me yelling about the state of the world
-me yelling about that stupid Drake song until I inevitably snap and get into a fight over it, after which I will be tried as an adult for felony assault and probably get convicted because the only lawyer I can afford is my pre-law friend so I’ll have to do 2-8 in county and never be able to get a job again because this country’s justice system is deeply flawed and felons more often than not are forced to return to a life of crime because businesses discriminate against anyone with a criminal record
-me getting annoyed at my roommate’s tiny dog

Anyway thanks for having me, tata~


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