A Few of My Favorite Things

Most people define their lives by milestones – degrees, jobs, relationships, trips – but what about all the other parts of life? Those milestones only make up a tiny percentage of our lives and although the feelings produced by them might be amazing, there are so many other little things in life that give us joy and they never get any credit. Yet those are the things that really make up our lives, and the cumulative effect of enjoying them can have a better impact on our lives than any one singular incredible moment.

This is my ode to the little feelings –

The feeling of taking off my makeup after a long day

The feeling when my head settles into that perfect spot on my boyfriend in between his chest and shoulder

The feeling of that first sip of cappuccino when the warmth spreads through my body on a cold morning

The feeling of unwrapping a perfectly wrapped present

The feeling of a good hug with someone you haven’t seen in forever

The feeling of being completely spent after a hard workout (or great sex)

The feeling of baking under the sun on the beach

The feeling of climbing into a bed made up of freshly washed sheets

The feeling you get watching someone’s face light up when they see something new they love

The special feeling when someone else’s fur baby comes up to you and can’t get enough

Everyone has their own little feelings that make them happy so I hope you take the time to enjoy them at the moment and don’t always let them pass by unappreciated. Life is made up of little moments and if we just look at them as filler in between the big stuff, then we’re missing out on a whole lot of goodness.

The feeling of watching a beautiful sunset


One Reply to “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I love your post! I have been focusing on things that I value and things that make me feel good on my latest post, too. I think your ideas are perfect to experience gratitude in the moment. Thanks! 🙂


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