The Perfect Gift Isn’t That Hard to Find

The holiday season is in full swing which means every single company has abandoned all shame in an effort to snag that sweet end of year surge of sales. I enjoy presents like pretty much everyone on the planet, but I enjoy giving a great gift equally as much. 

It’s easier to buy for people you know well, but I also know that some people struggle no matter what. So if you’re still stuck on finding the perfect gifts for some of your loved ones – check out some of the rules I swear by in my shopping —

  1. Do a quick list of what this person’s ‘things’ are. Are they obsessed with working out? Coffee? A sports team? Organization? Reading? Beauty? Whatever those categories might be – use them as your guide. Remember, you are buying something for someone else, not for you so don’t buy someone else something just because you’d love it yourself (unless of course, you have the exact same level of interest in a topic)
  2. Gift Giving does not have to be too expensive, but people love thoughtful gifts. If you have $20 to spend on someone, think about the highest quality gift you could get for that money. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It could mean the funniest, the most thoughtful, or the craziest. Something that will speak to that person. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a ton of little cheap things just because it feels like more. Keep the thoughtfulness despite the cost. Even something like baking cookies for a couple dollars shows more care than a bunch of nonspecific trinkets from a novelty shop. 
  3. Don’t fall for the gift lists. Every year – every blog and store release gift lists. Must-haves for the woman in your life blah blah blah. These can be great as inspiration but so often they are built merely to sell specific products so be careful putting too much stock into any of them. I recommend building your own for the people in your life using tip number 1. 
  4. Experiences almost always win. Experience gifts can be pricey and should be handled with care, but they almost never fail. A boyfriend loves a certain band? Concert tickets. Your dad loves a certain basketball team? Game tickets. Movie tickets. Massage voucher. Free ice skating. Your friend has always wanted to go paintballing? Make a reservation and take her. I’ve gone so far as to book plane tickets or spa treatments as gifts. These don’t have to be expensive, but it shows direct thought and experiences are so much more fun than things. 
  5. Lastly – if you’re really a planner, keep a running gift list throughout the year for the most important people in your life. Every time you’re out with them and their eyes light up about something, you can make a quick note and BAM, you know exactly what to get them when the holidays or their birthday rolls around. This can be hard to keep up but if you have a partner or close friends you see all the time, this can come in handy. 

Christmas is exactly one week away and I’m sure Amazon employees are being worked to the bone as we speak, but I wish you all the best of luck in your holiday shopping. I, of course, am insufferable and am already done with mine 🙂 

Photo Cred: Marketa Benedetti


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