The Foundation

It seems like appearances are becoming more and more relevant every day.  And even though not all of this focus is purely superficial, seeing as we have things like body positive movements, it is still thrusting looks into the spotlight of people’s minds and increasing awareness of how we might treat people based on what they look like.

HOWEVER, despite all of the positivity in body image outlook, it is still a priority for a lot of people to look and feel polished. I am not talking about looking like a model, or spending thousands of dollars on expensive treatments, but I am talking about having the ability to feel put together no matter what. There are a couple things you can do to sustain that feeling, even if you aren’t trying to do anything drastic.

  1. Stretch. Not workout or do any yoga necessarily, but just by stretching a little bit every day, you open up your body to having better posture and eliminating tightness or soreness in your muscles. Pretty basic.
  2. Get a great haircut at least twice a year.  For guys or those with shorter styles they’re looking to maintain, this should be more often, but too many times, I see people with long hair who just let it grow OR who don’t get a proper haircut. If you splurge and get your hair cut twice a year by a professional, that has lasting benefits. It will stay healthier longer, grow out better, and overall require less styling and maintenance.
  3. Moisturize your body. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SHOWER. This is especially true for those in dry climates, but applies to everyone. Moisturizing takes a couple extra minutes and keeps the skin supple. It keeps skin from getting ashy, scaly, or developing redness.
  4. Take care of your face. Wash it, apply sunscreen, and moisturize. You don’t need a bunch of fancy creams for this (although my personal skincare routine costs me a fortune). These are the basics. Keep your face clean, prevent sun damage, and keep the skin flexible with some moisturizer. You can, of course, add on top of this with treatments and other products., but if you start with basics, your skin will cause much less stress.
  5. Drink Water. No need to go overboard on this last one, but staying hydrated is important. Too often, I feel hungry, or tired and it’s really because I’m dehydrated. Keep a water bottle close by and just chug it everytime you feel your energy flagging. It is a good way to up your water intake and as a litmus test as to what your body really needs.

Basically, all of this boils down to stretch, moisturize, hydrate, and have a professional take a look at everything once in awhile. By creating this foundation for yourself, putting yourself together every day won’t be as much of a task. Consistent small efforts will reduce your overall effort, and I don’t know about you guys, but I am all about little things that will make my life A LOT easier.

What tips do you guys have for making yourself look good with minimal effort? Comment below!

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Bitch Sessions: My Body

My torso is too long. My nose is too big and it has a bump in the middle and at the end. My skin keeps breaking out on the right cheek, the left cheek…my forehead…oh fuck it. There are these stupid dark, dark hairs that grow under my chin. My butt is too small and too flat. My thighs feel enormous when I sit down. My body hair grows at the speed of light and I’m perpetually coming up with new ways to deal with the hair on my upper lip. My toes are too long. My right knee looks permanently bruised. The eyelashes at the outside of my right eye refuse to curl. My nailbeds are miniscule and my ribcage is too big.

I could go on and on and on. There are somedays where absolutely nothing looks right. My hair won’t cooperate. I keep finding spots where I missed shaving, or every outfit I try on makes me feel fat. No matter how much moisturizer I’ve used, how hard I’ve worked out that week, or how much sleep I’ve gotten. I just feel ugly.

These are the days where I feel too tall and too fat next to my shorter, daintier friends. These ar the days, I wish my hair was blonde to show more texture. These are the days where I wish my nails were longer so it would actually be worth getting a manicure. These are the days I wish my shoulders fit into shirts that were the right size for my torso. And so it goes…

The thing is, those days happen to literally everyone. And if you think celebrities or all those gorgeous famous people are immune, take a look at the hate they get day in and day out on social media. If you think they never get insecure, you gotta remember they’re human.

That girl with the gorgeous hair sitting in front of you in class? She might wish her long hair wasn’t so damn flat.

That guy with the washboard abs? Maybe he hates that he can’t grow a beard.

That woman with the amazing makeup? She might complain her eyes hape isn’t good enough for eyeliner.

The point is that everybody has their insecurities, EVERYBODY. But honestly what matters is how you rock them. There are certain things that are in your power to eliminate (take THAT, upper lip hair) and certain things that aren’t (my ribcage isn’t getting any smaller), and you have to take those ones you can’t change and own them. Confidence is the only thing that matters in the end.

For example, even though I have bad days, most days, I’m still able to think like this:

I have beautiful eyes with great eyebrows. My lips are proportional to each other and to my face. My ears are small and lie flat. My hair is thick and healthy. I have great legs. My cuticles are perfect. I love my collarbone and I think my breasts are the perfect size. My body can climb, run, swim, and jump with no problem. I think my bellybutton is cute and I like the little moles I have on my body.

And so on and so forth. I know this is a cheesy message but there really is no Instagram model, actor, politician, classmate, parent, friend, or partner that has never had any insecurities about their appearance and honestly, that is a-ok. And if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that there is always more than one perspective and if you find yourself in a negative-hate-yourself fest, remind yourself it’s normal, and then find another perspective.